Sensor faucet - Infrared water taps - Self closing electronic tapware

In most of our electronic taps everything is at the inside of the body also the battery.

In many models removing a cover the battery is replaced very easily without even close the water. That’s why our electronic taps are installed as a standard tap.

To save water all washbasin taps consume 6 liters per minute and the water supply stops after 60 seconds.

In all the models after 24 hours of non-use an automatic water supply for 45 seconds avoids the proliferation of Legionella bacteria.

In some models the battery is installed under the wash basin in a waterproof box and the solenoid valve is protected by a special brass support to make the installation particularly robust.

All our electronics taps are designed with competence, attention to details and passion from our technical department. They are tested in our laboratory and strictly made in Italy. 

Installation and maintenance advices
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